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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Task Project: Radio Commercials

Apr 14, 2006
A. Each group will create 2 radio commercial studies for the following:

1. Auto Tronics Taipei 2006.

You will be announcing the show exhibit.

Details of the event are available at http://www.autotronicsonline.net/ and brochure is also available in pdf file at http://www.autotronicsonline.net/download/brochure.pdf

2.The opening of Mama Mia’s Italian Restaurant in Mei-Su Guan, Kaohsiung. (You could create a regular commercial with a tagline for the announcement).

B.Based on the 2 studies, prepare 3 variations for each: one 15-second radio commercial, one 30-second commercial, and a 60-sec. commercial.

The more studies you prepare the better.

C: Your group will have to choose the most important information that you will include in your commercial. You should be able to defend your work.

D. Be creative. Make use of your existing or developing talents. Try weaving music and text, or even sound effects.

E. There’s no limit to the number of voice over talents. This will depend on you and your study.

F. You should submit the following on the day of your presentation:

1. A paper that documents the radio scripts for your studies, a brief analysis and explanation of your study (Why you’re doing what you’re doing?).

2. A CD that includes a copy of your:

i. Paper

ii. Radio commercial studies (in mp3) files

Helpful websites and resources will be put on the blog for your reference. Do not hesitate to ask if you’ve got questions.


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