Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, English Dept.,

Friday, January 04, 2008

No Drunk Driving PSA

Read the script

See the storyboard

Look at the group's reflection on the process of creating PSA and job list


Blogger Michael said...

Well done team! I especially like your point that you can't rely on the police. It is everyone's responsibility.

11:09 PM

Anonymous Barbara Dieu said...

A much needed ad and message. Well-done! Here in Brazil, a law was recently passed that you cannot drink a drop of alcohol before driving. What is the law in Taiwan?

3:55 AM

Blogger Christine Bauer-Ramazani said...

Great job, class. Your message comes through loud and clear. I especially liked the way you first said "No drunk driving" individually and then in chorus. Very effective. I also looked at your process plans -- well thought-out! You are clearly passionate about this important topic. Great job, team!

5:08 AM

Blogger susanacanelo said...

Good job !!! Very impressive images!. I could heard you clearly. What a good ad !
Last year in Argentina there was a terrible accident. A group of students who were coming back from a social task (helping a poor school in a far away province ), were killed by a drunk lorry driver. They were travelling by bus when the accident happened. Their parents are working hard in campaigns to prevent accidents, especially caused by alcohol consumption...but they aren't going to have their kids back any more.

7:44 AM

Blogger Teresa said...

Congratulations to students and teacher on great work!
Your sentences are very meaningful and the images are very dramatic. The blend of both should generate a powerful effect on listeners and viewers.
Like Christine, I also liked the "No drunk driving" individually and then in chorus.
Best wishes,
Teresa (in Portugal)

11:20 PM

Anonymous Isabel Teixeira said...

Great job! As Barbara mentioned the law is getting stricter here in Brazil as many people are dying due to drunk drivers.

5:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara:
The law in Taiwan is the same as your country that you can’t drive after drinking alcoholic beverages. If you do drunk-driving in Taiwan, you will be fined a lot of money, and be revoked your driver's license for a year. In addition,the government will take the law on you, if the consistency of the alcohol in your blood reaches official standard.
Good luck!
Bruce(In Taiwan)

9:38 PM

Blogger Ms.Pauchnick said...

I was extremely impressed with the graphics and verbal message to make the seriousness of the topic very clear. The students did such a great job. My students in high school need to see this because there are some teenagers, here in San Diego, California, U.S.A. who drink and drive. This is such an important video to share with everyone! Thank you for making this.

1:47 PM

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8:04 PM

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