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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Download Windows Movie Maker

Download Windows Movie Maker here Posted by Picasa

Click here

TV Commercial project

Choose one from the following:

1. Burp Cola (for teens)
2. Ooh la la Deodorant (For young women)
3. Zit (for acne/pimple ointment- for teens)

Create a 30 second TV commercial: Presentation 5/18
Write a script with camera instructions(follow the format): Deadline 5/11
Prepare a storyboard: To be submitted on the day of presentation 5/18
Produce your commercial
Edit your commercial
Final product will be presented in class. 5/18

Practice doing a V.O.

Practice reading this script for Monster.com Practice delivering using voice and pitch variations. Give it a life! Posted by Picasa

Click here to read the script
Source: VH1

Assignment due 5/11 Thursday
Be a voice-over talent. Read the script above as if you're doing a VO. Save your work as mp3 file and email it to me on or before 5/11. We will be listening to your work on 5/11.

Key element in productions

Key Element in productions, a good read from Cybercollege Posted by Picasa

Click here to read the article

Script with storyboard

Sample script with storyboard Posted by Picasa

Click here to see the script

Source: Medialit

Print sample script

Print this sample script for a commercial. Use this as a guideline for writing your own script. Posted by Picasa

Click here to print.

Source: Medialit

From marketing mammoth

More TV ads from marketingmammoth Posted by Picasa

Go to website, click here.

Sample Voice Over

sample voice over, put life to your voice! Posted by Picasa

Click here to listen

TV ads for small businesses

Sample TV ads for small businesses Posted by Picasa

Click here to watch

Sample TV ads for small businesses

Sample TV commercials, simple ads Posted by Picasa

Sample script for Enoch's

Sample TV script, Enoch's Restaurant Posted by Picasa
Click here to read the script.

You can add the ff. to your list of urls:


Videogame ads

UK adverts

Michael Jordan's commercials

Coca cola

Virgin Airlines http://www.virginblue.com.au/about_us/media/

Geico.com http://www.geico.com/video/index.htm

VISa TV commmls http://www.visa.com.hk/en_US/offers/tvc_index.shtml

Japander.com http://www.japander.com/japander/

FEDEX http://www.fedex.com/us/about/unitedstates/advertising/tvads/

Budweiser http://www.budweiser.com/wholesale/

M&M http://us.mms.com/us/fungames/tv/

Television ads




Some creative ideas for your TV project

Some ideas to help you create an effective ad Posted by Picasa

Click here for details

Create a TV commercial for Burp Cola

Create a TV commercial for Burp Cola Posted by Picasa

Click here for details

What's in an ad?

What's in an ad? Posted by Picasa

Go to PBS, click here.