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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Radio Commercial Project Guidelines

Presentation Date: December 24, 2007

Things that you need to submit on the day of your presentation:
1. 30-sec spot commercial
- 60-sec/15-sec version

2. Script (follow format)
- You need to be clear about the following things:
- themes of the ad
- ad message
- creative approach
* Why did you choose this theme? Why did you choose to produce your commercial this way?
* What is the product/service featured in your commercial?
* Describe the target market.
* Do you think that your ad message addresses the target market? How?

3. Collaborative job list. You need to identify 'who did what'. What was your individual contribution.

I also need to know how you did the radio commercial. Describe to me the process that you all went through in producing your commercial. How was the planning like? Were there any difficulties that you encountered? If yes, what are they? If none, then tell me what you did right that made things go smoothly.

You need to document the production process, meaning you need to write down the steps in producing your commercial.

Presentation guidelines:

1. Group members will play the commercial.
2. You need to present the script. Put this in powerpoint so everyone could see the texts clearly.
3. Describe the ad theme, message, target market, etc. (see project guidelines)
4. Group members will describe the production process. How did you produce the commercial. Please see questions above.
5. Put/save your project materials on a CD. To be submitted on the day of presentation.

There will be an oral presentation. Please try not to be nervous. Remember, what you will be presenting is something that you worked hard for. If you contributed in the production process, then you would probably know what to say.

Regarding the order of production, we will draw lots :-)

Dec. 21 (Thursday)- project preparation. No class.

Goodluck to you all!

Voice Over Narration Practice

Listen to students' VO narration! Click on the 'comments' button below and tell us what you think :-)

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