Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, English Dept.,

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monster.com: Practicising VO skills

In this exercise, the students were given a copy of the Monster.com radio commercial script. They were also advised to listen to Yahoo Launch Radio to listen to the commercial. Students used this script to practice their voice over skills. Oral delivery is difficult specially if one has to emote and use different vocal and pitch varieties to get his/her message across for a short period of time. Listening to their work tells me that the students put a lot of effort in doing this VO stint. Thanks guys- you were all great!

Note: To listen to individual student's VO, click on the name. A media player (depending on your hard drive's settings) will open in another web browser.

1. Trisha: Excellent Job!
2. Mickey
3. Irene
4. GwenWay to go, Gwen!
5. Robert
6. PeggyLavinia Tseng
7. Pamela [Study 1] [Study 2]Great work!
8. Sabina
9. Julia Tzeng
10. Yvette Liu
11. May
12. SammyRight on!
13. Peggy Chang
14. Sophia
15. Skid
16. Ingrid
17. Ray
18. Nina
19. Henry
20. Ada
21. Elysia
22. Mandy

Graphic source: http://www.allthehitsq100.com/