Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, English Dept.,

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Burp Cola TV commercial

avseq1, student ad project, for educational purposes only. English as a foreign language

Watch the 30-sec commercial, click here
Product: Burp Cola
Length: 30-sec TV commercial
Location: School Campus
File: MP4 (loads easily)

Mirror site: Online portfolio, click here Click here

Storyboard Illustrations: Click here (saved in wmv file)

Touch a girl's heart: Ooh lala Deodorant TV Comml

Product: Ooh la la Deodorant for Women
Length: 30-sec
File: Mpg
Group: Cassidy's Group

View powerpoint used during the presentation, click here




Gwen's Group: Deodorant Commercial

Avseq2. Student project, TV ad

Length: 30 sec TV Commercial
File: MP4 (loads easily)
Location: various (school, bookstore)


Product: Superdeor Deodorant
Length: 30-sec TV commercial
Media File: WMV (loads easily)
Click here to watch the TV commercial. Right click to download the file.

Ooh la la Deodorant: 30-sec TV Commercial

Sammy's Group

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Read the Storyboard, click here (Word file)

Product: Deodorant for Women
Location: School Race Track

Kevin's Group: 30-sec TV Commercial

Student Presentations

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Kevin's Group.

Product: Deodorant. Location: Library.