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Thursday, December 27, 2007

PSA Learning Objectives

Student Objectives
1. Students will study what makes a persuasive argument by critically analyzing different public service announcements (PSAs)

2. Learn the question-finding strategy and apply it to a topic of interest

3. Practice persuasive writing by creating PSA scripts

4. Use a variety of media techniques to enhance what they have written in their scripts and create and edit video PSAs

5. Use video techniques and persuasive writing strategies they learned about while creating their own PSAs to evaluate those of their peers

PSA video samples

Food safety during power outage. Download here

Download here For other samples of PSA on food safety, click here

Don't be Promiscuous

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

PSA topics

Photo source: Girlstart.org

For more choices on PSA topics, click here

Recording a narration in Movie Maker 2

Click here to read more

Windows Movie Maker Video Library

Windows Movie Maker is a simple to use video program that comes with Microsoft Windows. This Windows Movie Maker video library offers free videos on how to do tasks in Windows Movie Maker.

Click here to go to about.com

Create a Slideshow in Windows Movie Maker

Create a Slideshow in Windows Movie Maker
with Don Schechter
Transform your static photos and images into an entertaining show with the slideshow feature in Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker.

How to use Windows Movie Maker

Download the video tutorial, click here (right click mouse over link,select 'save as...')

For more tutorials, go to Windows XP website, click here.

For detailed instructions, click here

Another cool website is the Tutorial series by Greg Beck, click here